Help me to organize my time: best time management tools and apps for students

Many students fail to organize their time properly. This leads to a lot of stress and mediocre achievements. But since there are so many useful tools and applications designed to help students, you should not worry anymore. You just need to choose the one which will serve you the best.
Here is a list of task organizers and time management tools which do a great job. They will help you remember all your tasks and have everything completed on time. Continue reading “Help me to organize my time: best time management tools and apps for students”

Time Management Tools: 10 Tips To Manage Your Study Time Better

If you’re reading this it’s quite likely that time management is not your strong suit. You probably feel over-worked, over-tired and over it all!

But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. By identifying and using some simple time management tools that will improve your ability to manage your time effectively, you can quickly start freeing up more free time than you realized was possible. Continue reading “Time Management Tools: 10 Tips To Manage Your Study Time Better”

Time Management Tools: Create More Free Time Than You Thought Possible

Get A Hold On It

Oh how the time just slips slides away! Time truly does fly – whether or not you’re having fun! We love time. Time is the best. We also hate any wasted time. We call wasted time ‘junk time’. We hate junk time. Awful stuff! Do you know why? Continue reading “Time Management Tools: Create More Free Time Than You Thought Possible”

The Seven Laws Of Productivity: How To Get Lots Of Stuff Done!

Sometimes it appears as though only those ‘destined’ for success are the only ones among us who ever truly accomplish their goals. We all know the type: those who always have things done perfectly and nearly always ahead of time, all while we’re still scrambling to figure out how to start. You may even feel as though ‘productivity’ is mere fantasy, terminology created in the world of business to help measure the bottom line and get their workers churning out more, quickly and without mistakes. Continue reading “The Seven Laws Of Productivity: How To Get Lots Of Stuff Done!”

Beliefs That Prevent Organization

What’s Stopping You?

We’d all like to be more organized wouldn’t we? No rushing to get assignments in on time, no last minute cramming the night before a big exam, no freak outs when our diorama made from ice-cream sticks falls to pieces (because we have a back up diorama!), more free time to do the things we really enjoy doing, less stress, more fun…it all sounds rather nice doesn’t it? You bet it does. Being organized can truly be a Zen-like experience – if you execute it properly. Why? Because you’re always on top of everything, you’ve got it covered, you’ve got it all down pat, and you’re not rushing around like a headless chook…why would you? You’re just in a constant state of calm. You got that assignment done weeks ago. You pity the fools who didn’t. You’re organized baby! But how does one become organized? It is simply a matter of cleaning my room? Arranging my text books in alphabetical order? Deleting all my old text messages? Being on time? What does it mean to truly ‘be organized’? Continue reading “Beliefs That Prevent Organization”

Memory Training: The One-Bun Method Of Memory Recall

The “One-Bun” method of memory recall is one of the most widely used memory techniques and is based on the first pillar of memory – association. However, it also includes the use of what are known as “peg images” – which are images you use to help you recall an association you have created. Confused? You needn’t be. Let’s look at how this works.

The one-bun method uses mnemonics by associating a number (one, two , three etc) and the second word (the peg image) with what you want to memorize. The most commonly used numbers and pegs are as follows: one- bun, two-shoe, three-tree, four-door, five-hive, six-sticks, seven-heaven, eight-gate, nine-vine and ten-hen. Continue reading “Memory Training: The One-Bun Method Of Memory Recall”

Ten Relaxation Techniques To Melt Away The Stress

With school, our jobs, our financial situation, our friends, and our family lives in constant demand of our time and energy – stress has become one of the biggest threats to our health. While regimented meditation practices are known to keep stress – and the many health issues that it can cause us – at bay, not everyone has the environment, time, or ability to find nirvana using these technique. So what are the rest of us to do? Not to worry – there is hope! Carving out a few short moments of true relaxation can deliver the same benefits as long-term, disciplined meditation sessions. Below you will find ten simple ways to relax for those of us who don’t have the ability to live like a monk! Continue reading “Ten Relaxation Techniques To Melt Away The Stress”

Motivate Yourself To Study

“How do you motivate yourself to study?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by students. The interesting thing about that question is that most people presume that being motivated should be as easy as turning a tap on and off. However, the reality of motivation is something very different!

As much as we’d love to tell that motivating yourself to study is simple, that’s not always the case. And we’re sure you’re well aware of that! Inspiration, enthusiasm and high energy levels can be seldom sighted in your life unless you have a true passion for what you are doing with your time. Continue reading “Motivate Yourself To Study”

Motivation Vs Inspiration: Why We Need Both

Sustained Action

Most people already know how important it is to take action if you want to achieve something – it’s a major key to success. But what rarely gets enough attention is the concept of sustained action, or in particular how important your mindset is when it comes to sustaining action long term. Continue reading “Motivation Vs Inspiration: Why We Need Both”

Procrastination – Don’t Let It Eat You Up (Munch!)

If you love to procrastinate then these are four words you will be very familiar with:

‘I’ll Do It Tomorrow’

While it’s true these four words may actually comfort you as you say them to yourself – knowing full well that a critical assignment date draws closer and closer or your bedroom becomes more and more messy or you have precious little time left to study for that exam – they also create a major problem. A major problem that could warp into a major meltdown! And major meltdowns are never pretty. They normally end in us slumping to the ground in agony screeching like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, ‘what a world, what a world, what a world’ or in the case of the scarecrow, ‘If I only had a brain!’ Continue reading “Procrastination – Don’t Let It Eat You Up (Munch!)”