Help Me to Proofread My Essay: Best Proofreading Tools for Students

Proofreading and editing your essay can be quite a boring and complex task. Or, you might not have the right knowledge or time to do this on your own. Luckily, there are plenty of online tools that enable you to simply copy and paste your work in order to spruce it up and make it error-free. Spelling and grammar is as important as the writing process itself. You might have a great essay that has the perfect structure, and brilliantly developed and presented ideas, but if it’s packed with errors, you’re automatically going to eliminate your chances of getting your ideas across and scoring a good grade.

This is why we’ve found the best and most trustworthy of all proofreading tools out there, that students can rely on to do all the tedious work for them. Check it out.


Everyone knows about this tool by now, and if you don’t you should get acquainted with it right now. It’s the go-to proofreading tool for not just students, but writers and teachers as well. It is a combination of checking for spelling, grammar errors and scanning for plagiarism. You just copy-paste your content and it analyses and underlines all of your errors. It also gives you a reason why this has been marked as an error, so at the same time you get to learn from it. You can simply click on the marked word and choose the appropriate solution which is given on the side bar. You can even install a browser extension and proofread your emails and typing as you go.


Just as the name itself indicated, it aims at perfecting your essays. It’s one of the most popular online software tools that can be used with Microsoft Word to fix your errors on the go. Another great feature for students enables them to customise the settings according to the style guide. That way students can track changes, and structure the essay properly, according to the guidelines given by the professor.

Phrase Express

The third tool on our list is great for several reasons. It goes way beyond correcting the usual and most common spelling mistakes. It enables you to type freely, and it corrects phrases in your writing as you type. If you’re on a tight deadline and you’re in a hurry to get your essay finished, Phrase Express will correct your abbreviations as you go, expand them and save you time. You can use it on your smartphone as well.


Ginger is a very useful proofreading tool that goes into all the details of the text that other online proofreading tools might miss or overlook. So you won’t have an incorrectly placed article in front of a noun, or a verb that doesn’t fit the context. It also has an option of adding an extension to your browser so you check on the go.

Reverso Spell Checker

Unlike any other tool on this list, it focuses on checking your writing and suggests changes that will improve your essay significantly. Not only can you determine what your spelling and grammar errors are, you get insight into what synonyms to use, if the words you’re currently using don’t fit the context, as well as where to add punctuation, words or remove them if necessary. A lot of the online proofreading tools don’t provide contextual solutions, which can be even more devastating for your essay than a few misspelled words.


If you want to check your spelling and grammar but also get writing suggestions and plagiarism detection for free, PaperRater is the vital online tool for it. You just submit your content, and they instantly analyse it, giving you insight into what your mistakes are and how to fix them. So, you’re not just going to be stuck with an underline essay filled with mistakes you don’t know how to fix. It really goes deep into the structure of your essay and individual sentence, as well as the syntax, so you’re not just getting the obvious analysis. You get a chance to really improve your essay, all without even logging in or signing up.

The Hemingway Editor

Writers use this proofreading tool all the time, so it’s going to be a great source for students as well. It takes your content, analyses it, and not only highlights the errors but identifies weak spots that are hard to read or completely unnecessary in your essay. If you’re struggling to get your essay on the next level, and make it more readable and easy to comprehend, The Hemingway Editor will do a fantastic job at pointing out which are the specific trouble areas you need to fix.


This proofreading tools is available for download and is completely free! It’s special due to enabling students to change the source code easily and modify the needs as they go. For example, you get to choose which writing style you prefer and what you are writing about, so that it checks your content according to your custom settings. With just one click it gives you an in-depth analysis of what your essay is missing. You can simply download the new version and open with Microsoft Word and go through your essay once again.

Slick Write

It’s loved by both writers and students because it helps them quickly fix the errors in their written content, as well as spruce up the writing so the final product is top-notch. You can easily see where you made errors and fix them at once, but also get suggestions on how to make your writing better, as the tool indicates which areas need improvement and how you can make them. This is especially useful for students who are struggling to get the highest grades on their essays, and still haven’t reached a higher level of writing.


This proofreading website enables you to, once again, copy-paste your essay, and analyse it from top to bottom, indicating where your spelling, grammar and styling errors are. It literally enables you to fix your current writing, and also improve your skills for the future. All of the different errors are colour coded, so you can clearly tell a difference between your grammar and spelling mistakes.

We can’t blame students for needing professional assistance. These free online tools are the best, most efficient and reliable proofreading tools for a large audience, so you won’t make a bad decision whatever ends up being your choice.