Help Me to Check My Essay for Plagiarism: 10 Best Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism has become a wide-spread problem that is incredibly difficult to detect and reduce because it is so deeply-rooted. While there are some plagiarism tools online available, not all of them do good job of detecting plagiarism. And because students can’t risk turning in a stolen or copied essay, they need to use tools that are easy, affordable and at their disposal.We set out on a hunt to find the ten best plagiarism checkers that you can trust to get the work done and make sure that the quality of your text is improved. Stay tuned to find out which tools you can rely on, without any shadow of doubt.

Dupli Checker

First on our list is the Dupli Checker, now known as the, as it has a really simple interface, it’s easy to use and it’s completely free, which is a fantastic deal for students. This plagiarism checker gives you a chance to paste your text into a text box, or even copy an URL of the page where the content you want to check is located. Click on the button, and it analyses every single phrase and sentence, so that it detects any case of plagiarism. If you require a plagiarism checker multiple times a day, your best option is to register, and enable plagiarism checking for up to fifty times a day.


This plagiarism checking service is offered by, and it is aimed specifically at scholarly and professional writing. The Cross Check software includes a large database of more than thirty million articles, journals and books, and it is even used by publishers such as Oxford University Press to avoid any traces of plagiarism.


This online software is designed to check for plagiarism, without wasting time of downloading or installing it on your computer. However, there are certain limits to your scanning, however, if you opt for the paid version, you’ll get different plans for universities and schools to choose from in order to enhance your checking and detect even the slightest ounce of plagiarism. This is extremely important for all students, as even the smallest sign of plagiarism can get you suspended or a bad grade.

Plag Tracker

This tool is a great source for students because it has one of the largest databases of academic papers to compare your essays to. This is perfect for every students’ academic writing, if they want to avoid copied work, and stay authentic. It analyses your text and gives you a very thorough report on whether there was any plagiarism. As with most of the online tools, if you opt for a paid plan you get access to even a larger database of documents, but also to additional tools for multitasking – checking your grammar at the same time.


If you’re a Microsoft Windows user, you might find this software quite in handy. The reason why this tools is so great for plagiarism detection is that is has a huge database of online sources and academic essay to compare content with. So, when you upload your essay for detection, it goes through thousands of essays, and if it detects plagiarism it will showcase it on the side, so you can make the comparison yourself.

We are personally great fans of, because it really is one of the best plagiarism detection online tools out there. Students, teachers and writers can detect copied work, low-quality work or even stolen writing. Copy-paste your essay, and it will analyses it phrase by phrase, section by section, and highlight in red the sections which are copied and lead you to the original source.


This software is great for both students and teachers, as it processes millions of academic papers, each and every time detecting plagiarism in any form. The bigger the databse, the higher the chances are that your essay is 100% plagiarism free, which is why TurnItIn is one of the most visite online checkers out there. Students can rely on their WriteCheck service and get access to various tools, as well as get help with maintaining citations and properly referencing other works.


For those who like a simple tool that does a great job, Plagium is as simple as you would like it to be. Just copy-paste your essay and scan your entire text as fast as 5 thousand words at a time. It’s a very simple software to use, but it does the trick. You can use the free version, but if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can opt for a paid version and avoid paying for the upload of your files every single time.

Just like any other plagiarism checker, it analyses your text and compares it to a database of millions of articles to ensure that your work doesn’t even look like something that has been created before. Another great benefit is that it is more affordable than any other plagiarism detector in the digital world. There are different plans that fit either high school students or university students, and each plan is priced differently and allows a certain number of scans per day. An additional neat feature is that it scans several different languages, and can be used to compare one paper to the other, in order to avoid copying your own work.


A reliable plagiarism checker doesn’t have to be expensive. DoMyPapers is a software that is going to ensure every essay you do is completely unique. It’s adored by students, because it gives you the option to check for up to 5 documents per month, completely free. This is a good option for all students who don’t have essays that frequently.

With such a large variety of plagiarism detection software that’s available online, we’re sure that you’re going to find the right one for you. The ten above mentioned do an amazing job, but ultimately it’s your personal choice which tool meets all of your needs.