Ten Relaxation Techniques To Melt Away The Stress

With school, our jobs, our financial situation, our friends, and our family lives in constant demand of our time and energy – stress has become one of the biggest threats to our health. While regimented meditation practices are known to keep stress – and the many health issues that it can cause us – at bay, not everyone has the environment, time, or ability to find nirvana using these technique. So what are the rest of us to do? Not to worry – there is hope! Carving out a few short moments of true relaxation can deliver the same benefits as long-term, disciplined meditation sessions. Below you will find ten simple ways to relax for those of us who don’t have the ability to live like a monk! Continue reading “Ten Relaxation Techniques To Melt Away The Stress”

Motivate Yourself To Study

“How do you motivate yourself to study?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by students. The interesting thing about that question is that most people presume that being motivated should be as easy as turning a tap on and off. However, the reality of motivation is something very different!

As much as we’d love to tell that motivating yourself to study is simple, that’s not always the case. And we’re sure you’re well aware of that! Inspiration, enthusiasm and high energy levels can be seldom sighted in your life unless you have a true passion for what you are doing with your time. Continue reading “Motivate Yourself To Study”

Motivation Vs Inspiration: Why We Need Both

Sustained Action

Most people already know how important it is to take action if you want to achieve something – it’s a major key to success. But what rarely gets enough attention is the concept of sustained action, or in particular how important your mindset is when it comes to sustaining action long term. Continue reading “Motivation Vs Inspiration: Why We Need Both”

Procrastination – Don’t Let It Eat You Up (Munch!)

If you love to procrastinate then these are four words you will be very familiar with:

‘I’ll Do It Tomorrow’

While it’s true these four words may actually comfort you as you say them to yourself – knowing full well that a critical assignment date draws closer and closer or your bedroom becomes more and more messy or you have precious little time left to study for that exam – they also create a major problem. A major problem that could warp into a major meltdown! And major meltdowns are never pretty. They normally end in us slumping to the ground in agony screeching like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, ‘what a world, what a world, what a world’ or in the case of the scarecrow, ‘If I only had a brain!’ Continue reading “Procrastination – Don’t Let It Eat You Up (Munch!)”

From Study Stress To Study Success: 14 Tips That Will Take You To The Top

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or simply burned out at times, there is a solution for you. You don’t have to be a slave to all the things holding you back. It’s time to turn your worries into inspiration and your fears into energy for action.

Below are 14 tips that can turn your study stress into study success in only a few minutes! Continue reading “From Study Stress To Study Success: 14 Tips That Will Take You To The Top”

How To Study Effectively: Six Studying Tips That Make You Study Smart

It’s one thing to sit down and study – but it’s another thing altogether to sit down and study effectively. Why? Well just because you’re sitting at your desk and your books are all out, it doesn’t mean you’re studying. But what you really want to know is how to make the most of your time when you are studying so that you can get things done quicker and have more free time. Sounds good doesn’t it? Continue reading “How To Study Effectively: Six Studying Tips That Make You Study Smart”

Change Your Life Forever By Taking Charge Of Your Habits. Part 1

The Impact

Did you know that your habits can actually ruin your life if you don’t harness them correctly? Did you also know that when your habits are directed correctly they are the greatest source of power you will ever have? Did you know that your habits are actually more influential over your entire personality and behavior than anything else? Well, they are! And that’s why your habits are a pretty big deal! It’s also why we are going to look at them in-depth. Continue reading “Change Your Life Forever By Taking Charge Of Your Habits. Part 1”

Text Anxiety – How To Beat the Test Blues

Do you ever feel the test heeby jeebies? Do your palms get sweaty at the thought of the teacher handing out the test papers to the class? Does your heart skip a beat when the teacher announces the next big test or exam? Do you start furrowing your brow when you notice the next big test is only a few days away?

Anxiety is a completely normal reaction to the prospect of being ‘tested’. Why? Well, you are going to be held accountable for what you’ve learnt…and no one likes to be held accountable! What if you haven’t been doing your homework? What if you haven’t been reading the textbook like the teacher asked? What if you haven’t been revising anything? What if you haven’t been making mind maps as you go along? What if the questions on the page don’t match the information in my head!? What if… what if…what if… Continue reading “Text Anxiety – How To Beat the Test Blues”

How To Make Yourself Accountable

During your schooling (and your life) you will be constantly faced with two choices: action and excuses. To achieve every last drop of knowledge out of your schooling, you must make the choice to take action at every opportunity, and in doing so, become fully accountable for every result and outcome you achieve. In a nutshell, being accountable just means you take full responsibility for what happens to you and what you achieve (or don’t achieve). Continue reading “How To Make Yourself Accountable”

Change Your Life Using The 80/20 Rule

First of all, the 80/20 rule is not about economics or maths (even though it may sound like it), so let’s get that straight from the start! However, this rule does apply to your life (and everyone else’s life) so it’s very important that you are aware of it and can start manipulating it for your own benefit (in the way you study or in any other field you choose).

The 80/20 rule (which was created by Vilfredo Pareto by the way) tells us that most of the results in any situation are determined by a small number of causes. In simple English, this means that you create most of your big results (the 80% part) from a small number of your actions (the 20% part). Now, how might this apply to you, your life and your studies do you think? Have you figured it out yet? Continue reading “Change Your Life Using The 80/20 Rule”