Help me to do a research: best tools to write a research paper

Writing a research paper is much more than just collecting some resources and summarizing them. Since this type of paper is not a simple review of the literature in a field, it is a challenge for many students. A research paper is supposed to analyze a perspective or to argue a specific point. No matter what type of research paper you need to write, the finished research paper needs to present your own thinking. You have to back up your position by the others’ ideas and the information you researched. So, you will need to spend some time on forming your own opinion on the subject.If you are looking for assistance for your research paper, here are some great web tools. They can help you find the information you need and organize better your writing:

ReadCube – When writing a research paper, you need to spend a lot time in reading, understanding your sources and citing them. ReadCube will help you progress with this more easily. This tool allows you to import various PDF files from a computer. Then, you can make them searchable. You will receive useful daily article recommendations based on the research sources you collect. Thus, you will be able to get more research materials without even trying to.

Qiqqa – This a reference and research manager for free. It is a quite effective tool if you need to write a research paper. With Qiqqa you can organize your PDFs. You will be able to import them into a few separate libraries, then search through and also detect duplicate sources. This tool ensures you intuitive information about your paper. You will also get connections between the different concepts. With this tool you can also share notes, library documents, and metadata with other people.

Mendeley – This is a great free tool for the ones looking for something to help them manage their writing, research and citation. This tool gives you 2GB space for online storage. This is absolutely enough to keep all your sources in one convenient place. You can use these materials both online or offline. You are able to highlight and add sticky notes throughout your text. The tool also allows you to generate the citations and the bibliography in a style chosen by you.

Mendeley is a great free reference manager. It acts as an academic social network which helps you to make your research easier and more structured. You will be able to collaborate with other writers online. Here are some of the great things which you can do with Mendeley:

  • Conveniently generate bibliographies automatically
  • Online collaboration with other researchers
  • Import papers from another research
  • Find relevant documents which are based on the ones you are reading
  • Online access to your papers from anywhere
  • The opportunity to read papers on the go via the iPhone app.

Citavi – it will help you organize the information among the pile of sources. This tool will allow you to avoid the chaos. You will be able to save your important quotations and accompany them with relevant information. Then, the tool will help you to insert the quotations and the thoughts which you saved directly into a chosen document.

EndNote – This is a quite useful tool with which you will be able to collect and manage various ifferent reference materials. You will be able to handle all the research papers, essays and others you write.
It gives you the opportunity to create bibliographies while trying to write your next paper. You can use the quite useful feature, called ‘Cite While You Write’.

Endnote helps you to maximize your time with useful features such as finding the full text for your reference. Then, the records will be automatically updated. It allows you to search through some extensive databases online. With its help you can access some full-text articles. This allows you to complete your research paper quite faster.
EndNote has a great collaborative feature which makes it perfect for various team projects.

Colwiz – This is a reference manager which will make the research process easier and faster. It will help you to cite, sort, and share the sources which you plan to use. With this tool you can locate articles which are relevant to your research. You can also manage your notes and references through a convenient cloud backup. The greatest thing is that Colwiz helps you automatically format the bibliography and offers you 6500 citation styles for this purpose.

NinjaEssays – it could help you a lot for all the stages of research paper writing: planning, writing and editing.

Zotero – I love this one because this is the only research tool which could automatically sense content. This helps me add a chosen source to my personal library with one simple click. This tool saves me so much time to research and I definitely recommend it.

Scrivener – This is a great content-generation tool. It could help all writers who need to write long and difficult documents with a complicated structure. The tool gives you a complete control over the formatting. Scrivener helps a lot managing the writing of your first draft. You are free to compose your text in any order you like. Make the pieces of the text as large or small as you prefer. You can then view the components of this draft individually or together. You can Import and also refer to research files – images, PDFs and others while you are writing.

Camscanner – It is a quite intelligent solution for convenient document management. The tool works on all devices. Camscanner will help you with the storing, managing, sharing and annotating for different purposes of all your important documents. This tool will make the information easy to access and use. Your files will be well-organized and suitable for collaboration.

Dropbox -This is a free service which allows you to have with you your documents, photos, and others and share them easily. This is a great convenience which will save you a lot of trouble. You will never have to email yourself a file again or wonder how to take your information with you.

RefWorks – it is a great web-based service. It ensures the integration of the newest technologies for supporting researchers with cool research tools.

The users of RefWorks can easily work with information within seconds, access it and organize it. This ensures global portability to the researchers.

RefWorks has some great advantages and functionalities. The tool allows you to:

  • Create your personal online database and use it conveniently.
  • Import your information from various other sources.
  • Share your information with other people. This makes the collaboration with other researchers quite easy.
  • Format your bibliographies and manuscripts so easily in just a few seconds.

Doing a research requires so much time and lots of preparation. You usually need to bury yourself with tons of resources and spend hours in trying to organize them. If you want to make the research process much easier and faster, you should use one or more web research tools to help you. The above list shows you the best tools which can save you so much time and efforts. Try some of them and find the one which helps your researching the most.