Help me to organize my time: best time management tools and apps for students

Many students fail to organize their time properly. This leads to a lot of stress and mediocre achievements. But since there are so many useful tools and applications designed to help students, you should not worry anymore. You just need to choose the one which will serve you the best.
Here is a list of task organizers and time management tools which do a great job. They will help you remember all your tasks and have everything completed on time.

1. 2Do

2do app

This is a to-do-list which is focused on color coding. This makes it really helpful for visual learners just like me. The different colors help you to distinguish all your tasks by their type – academic, work, housework, etc. and their levels of priority. I like a lot the color system because it helps me to memorize my schedule. Then, I almost do not need to have a look at the list.

2. Timeful

timeful app

This is a great application working via iOS which acts as a calendar and a useful to-do list. This is great because it allows you to keep the entire schedule in just one convenient place.
Timeful is a great example of how time management applications have successfully evolved and become even smarter. This application uses intelligent code and gathers information on the user’s habits and his or her regular routines. Then, Timeful suggests the best possible time to complete your tasks according to your most productive period.

3. Evernote


This is a greatt free application. It allows you to gather all your notes, ideas and various thoughts in one place and distribute them across as many devices as you prefer. Thus, it will become possible for you to gather the various university assignments you have, your plans and inspirations with just one click. Evernote is simply great for all the people who quickly forget their best ideas. Another great advantage of Evernote is that it could help you with multimedia presentations and when you need to make a research.

4. Focus Booster

focus booster

It will make your life really easier since it could help you break up your schedule into manageable chunks. For example, the app splits your revision sessions with a pleasant number of little breaks. Thus, you will stay as productive as possible. The digital version allows you to track exactly how much time you spent on a topic. You can also analyze your activity on the dashboard and change your priorities if it is necessary.

5. 30/30

30-30 app

30/30 is an application for iOS which allows you to set useful timers to complete some specific tasks. The interface of 30/30 is innovative and really convenient. It allows you to control this app easily with some swipes and simple gestures. A real advantage is that this app actually gives you a better and simple understanding of how much time you need and spend on doing certain things.

6. Remember The Milk

remember the milk

This sounds like a simple everyday helper but it is also great for students. ‘Remember the Milk’ is an iOS application. It really helps you to complete tasks, to effectively organize your schedule, and to set up helpful multiple-platform reminders to help you stick to your program.

7. app is an iOS/Android application which will help you best organize your day. It allows you to create task reminders, make to-do lists, take notes, appoint events and store them all on the user-friendly interface. An advantage of is that it works across platforms. This makes it quite easy to switch from using it on a phone phone to organizing your plans via your laptop without missing anything. This is quite convenient and since I need both my phone and computer and use them all the time, I think that this is a great thing about

8. Listastic

Listastic is a simple but smart digital list tracker for iOS. Since it is so easy to use, it is simply great for students. After all, no one has much time to get to know complicated applications. No matter whether you want to keep a note of what food you need at home, what exams you should start preparing for or what textbooks you have to buy, this application will be quite helpful for you. Also, you are able to share your notes with anyone involved in your plans.

9. Finish

This is a cool iOS application which somehow succeeds to give you a feeling of achievement when you complete something. Whenever you finish a task, you can simply swipe over it and then gain a checkmark combined with a nice rewarding sound. Also, your completed tasks are being automatically archived. So, you can find information for everything that you needed to do in the past.

10. EpicWin

This application creates the feeling of some kind of a game because every time you complete something, you will earn XP points. This will lead to improving your in-app character, so you will be able to see how handling your tasks create a better version of you. This is a truly motivating strategy.


Many students, including me find this iOS application because it actually works much like Facebook. You can create an online community of friends and then share your thoughts with them. Here, the main focus of this community is productivity. So, you are supposed to post about productive things you plan to do. Then, you will receive ‘props’ from other people when they improve your idea.

The application works with the main idea that people would respond positively to friendly, informal feedback. Also, the written statement to do something actually makes people more motivated to really complete it. Here are some more useful functionalities – you will get tips and rewards for completing the tasks you stated you would. This additional encouragement usually has a strong effect to motivate you to keep completing your tasks.

12. Prezi

This application helps you create presentations anywhere. Then, you will be able to make them available across all types of devices. The app is great for the students who leave their tasks until the last moment. Prezi will be also quite helpful for the ones who enjoy being productive and completing some tasks wherever they go. Also, if you have made presentations only by using Microsoft or other computer-only services, Prezi will help you discover some great PowerPoint sides.

13. Super Notes

This application allows you to save your notes, recordings, images and much more. This helps university students better follow lectures without trying to write everything down. The app allows you to sound record your lectures and also to take photos of any important slides.

You can put a color code to your written notes for more ease of reference. The great share function makes it convenient to share your notes online. You can also download them onto a computer if you want to make sure you will not lose them.

For many students organizing their time is a mission impossible. As a result, they offer suffer from a total lack of time. Each of the applications above can help you a lot in organizing your thoughts, tasks and plans. Try one of them and you will probably get convinced that life becomes so much easier when there is someone else to remember for you.