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It is quite complex when you need to learn a huge volume of information and have a time limit: numerous books, articles to read, data to review and things to remember. Moreover, you need to write numerous papers, and writing usually is not as easy as it might seem to be first. So developing effective studying skills is important. That is why you might be interested in different tips and tricks to do so.
It is well known, that to study better you need not only apply different techniques of effective learning, but also spend a lot of time on learning how to write and organize the time for all the tasks you have. Students are often striving from lack of time and by focusing on writing tasks usually forget about learning new information. Our service provides them an ability save time on different tasks and make a focus on more important thing – learning new.

Study Techniques

You will find information and success stories connected with such popular studying techniques and tricks, as:


This technique is connected with active reading as the way to learn new material. The method is based on active reading technique during material preview. It is effective as a preparation method for deep learning.

THIEVES strategy

When you are starting to study a new chapter or paper, you can make the information it contains more understandable using THIEVES technique.

Effective highlighting techniques

Highlight or underline the most important points in the text. This will help you easily review the material. It will also help you to make your own notes and summarize the material.

Summarizing or outline writing of the material techniques.

A good way is to write down notes in your own words, you can also write out terms and their definitions. If you have enough privacy while study you can read your notes and terms aloud, verbalizing usually helps to memorize better.

Flash cards creation and usage tips

Place the term, idea or question on one side and answer at another. It is a convenient way not only train your mind, but also to have everything you need to learn right under your hand anytime.

Building up associations

Ways to tie new information to things you know well, it will help you to remember large amounts of information.

Breaking material into smaller parts

It will help you to understand information bit by bit without overloading your brain. There are numerous different ways to do so and make learning effective.

Study sheets creation with the information you need to remember.

Different samples on various subjects you can print and use as an example.

Effectiveness Improvement Methods

Various psychological, time management and learning techniques to become more effective:

  • Breaks and exercising. 5-minute break every 30-45 minutes to help your mind, relax and become more effective during memorizing new material. Focusing tips during breaks, exercising, etc.
  • How to find a keyword for refocusing. During the study you might feel that you are losing concentration or you start thinking about other things, to eliminate interruption choose a word connected with your subject and when you feel distracted, start to repeat this word in your mind until you come back to your topic again.
  • How to take notes during the class correctly and fast. This will help you to stay alerted during the class and will keep you from falling asleep. To write notes faster use abbreviations. If you don’t understand something or some notions are not clear for you always ask questions and write down answers to keep them in mind.
  • How to rewrite, expand class notes at home. This is done right after the class, so you won’t miss any information and will fill in gaps in your memory with necessary information.
  • How to make your study process interesting. Try to find the beauty of any subject and link the events of your life with your study process.
  • How to motivate yourself: physical and none physical motivation.
  • How to learn effectively: focus on hard subjects first. It is very difficult to memorize and understand the hard material when you are tired, so it is better to focus on them when you have enough energy and passion. The easier stuff can be done later.
  • How to expand and learn new vocabulary. Glossaries. Bold and underlined words in the chapter are important. You need to find their meaning; usually, they are listed at the end of the book.
  • Group learning tips, tricks, and games. You can also gather a study group of 3-4 friends where you can play with flashcards, quizzes and other games for effective learning.

Papers Samples and Writing Guidelines

Having examples in your hand and clear, understandable step by step guidelines will also help you to reduce time spent and improve your writing. At our website, you will be able to find information on how to write different types of papers, format them and review the examples of successful papers. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an essay sample or a case study, or even a thesis or dissertation, we will try to provide you with any.

Moreover, we will collect book lists, dictionaries, software, tricks and methods to improve writing skills and make it easier to create eye-catching papers.

And Much More!

Grammar and spelling checking tools, keywords research tools, dictionaries, plagiarism checkers, different proofreading and editing services review. Academic writing services, editing assistance and other companies reviewed by their clients.

Time management techniques, time management lists and schedule creation, software review, and tools to learn effectively and save time for friends and family.

Healthy nutrition and exercising during learning to make your brain work more effectively.

By subscribing to our website you will be prepared for all tasks you will face during high school, college or university.

You won’t be overloaded with the tasks since you will get everything you need for effective learning at one place.